OPN2001SSW - OPN-2001 Software Wedge Features


·         Send barcodes to ODBC database - transfer barcodes to any ODBC compliant database.

·         Send barcodes to log file - transfer barcodes to a log file with dynamic file naming option.

·         Send barcodes as keystrokes - allows barcodes to be entered directly into any Windows application just as if it were being typed in using a keyboard.

·         Send barcodes to a web page (XML SOAP or POST) - allows barcodes to be transferred to your web server. Web services support: HTTP POST and SOAP protocols.

·         Send barcodes via e-mail - option to transfer file with barcodes to an e-mail user.

·         Send barcodes to FTP server - option to upload file with barcodes to an FTP server.

·         AutoDetect OPN 2001 port.

·         Manual or Automatic barcode download mode.

·         Configure scanner using graphical user interface